Irredeemably Sanctified

corona-float-1acorona-float-1bcorona-float-1dcorona-float-1ccorona-float-2acorona-float-2bcorona-float-2ccorona-float-3acorona-float-3bI want, once more, to own a typewriter. After seeing — reading? I hope! — my lengthy post on these here magnificent machines, it should now be quite obvious to you.

They are beautiful. They clack. They ding when they wish their carriage to be returned. They are friendly beasts. They're weighty — and outdated! They're substantial! and, yes, they make me feel shamelessly anachronistic. What more could you ask for, except, perhaps, some chips and salsa? (But only for the sake of flamboyancy, you understand.)

I recently downloaded software that makes my Mac's keyboard sound like that of a typewriter. Oh, the memories it evoked! Oh, the transmogrification! My transformation was, indeed, effectual. My perversion is now complete, my digital apostasy perfected. I am now irredeemably — and analogically — sanctified. Hallelujah!

On learning about the typewriters used by various authors, I Googled and I discovered, not surprisingly (to me, at least), that there are authors who still compose using a typewriter, and with good reason, too. Science fiction writer Harlan Ellison is one.

I intend to be another. Wish me well in my disease.

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monstro said...
November 14, 2009 8:25 PM

I wouldn't call it a disease, but I wish you well just the same. :) That Corona is, indeed, beautiful. :D

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