The Limnades

Finished! Got it done this morning. A day in advance of my goal, too! ^.^ I spent much longer writing today than I usually do, but the ending came with a twist I didn’t expect and it’s a twist I absolutely love. At first, I thought the ending scene was becoming anti-climactic, but, thankfully, I was proven wrong.

Wrote 1632 words. Total actual word count for the story, 8430 words. That’s a little more than 900 words over what I thought it would be. The shocker, though, came when I did a white-space word count: 9920 words. EEK! o.o (I need to try a minor reformatting of my manuscript, though, to be sure that the white-space word count is correct. It sounds a tad high. I’ve heard/read that white-space word counts — a.k.a. "printer’s rule," ten words per 6.5-inch Courier 12-point / 10-pitch manuscript line — tend to be about 10% greater than actual word counts.) Still, I’m hoping I can tighten this thing up so that the second draft’s more than 10% shorter than what the story is now.

Well, it’s a first draft, so now’s not the time to fret. Now’s the time to set it aside and let it cool, to get my mind to working on the next story.

EDIT: The adjustment to the manuscript revealed a white-space (printer's rule) word count of 9,350 words. That's good. That's less than I thought it would be. That means the second draft should be in the range of 8,400 words, still a little longer than I'd hoped. Perhaps I can pare it down even more. We'll see once the editing starts.

I was hoping to sell this to a professional online market, but all the ones I've seen don't want anything longer than 6000 words. I might be able to do that, but that's a lot of cutting (36% white-space; 29% actual). Ah, well. As they say, writing is rewriting.

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monstro said...
November 17, 2009 2:54 PM

Well done! Whooohoo! :D

g d townshende said...
November 18, 2009 5:32 AM

Thanks. :D

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