Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Consumer Magazines

After some more searching, I was able, at, to come up with a list of 182 consumer magazines, online consumer magazines, book publishers, and literary agents to sift through. Not all were relevant. I'd searched on "science fiction, fantasy, horror," and I was surprised at the number (in all categories) who came up because their listing said they "did not want science fiction, fantasy, or horror." Some listings were defunct. In this post, I'll list only the titles of those consumer magazines (meaning print magazines) I was able to find interested in these genres (if I listed more than the titles, this post would be unbearably long):

  • The Absent Willow Review
  • African Voices
  • Analog Science Fiction & Fact
  • Apex Digest
  • Asimov's Science Fiction
  • BENT Magazine
  • Broken Pencil
  • Cricket
  • The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • The First Line
  • The Fourth River
  • GUD Magazine
  • Heliotrope
  • Indy Men's Magazine
  • Kansas City Voices
  • Leading Edge
  • The London Magazine
  • Morpheus Tales
  • On Spec
  • Pseudopod
  • The Seattle Review
  • Soundings Review
  • Steel City Review
  • Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine
  • Talebones
  • Tales of the Talisman
  • The Helix
  • Theatre of Decay
  • Twenty 3 Magazine

That's 30 consumer magazines.

Probably the most relevant and helpful resource I found, however, was which they say, "currently features over 1000 speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and horror) markets displayed in various ways, from simple grid views to full blown detail pages, along with downloadable PDF versions," and at $12.97 per year I think it's an incredible bargain. Trust me, I've absolutely bookmarked that site!

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