Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Online Consumer Magazines

Continuing with yesterday's post, here's the listing of online consumer magazines my search unearthed:

  • AlienSkin Magazine
  • Anotherealm
  • Anti Muse
  • Aoife's Kiss
  • Apparatus Magazine
  • Between Kisses
  • Brew City Magazine
  • The Café Irreal
  • Challenging Destiny
  • Cyberfict
  • Dark Energy SF
  • dotlit
  • Dragons, Knights, and Angels
  • Far Sector SFFH
  • Feel the Word Magazine
  • The Fifth Di...
  • Flashquake
  • From the Asylum Books
  • The Harrow
  • KidVisions
  • Literal Latté
  • Long Story Short
  • Lullaby Hearse
  • The Martian Wave
  • Millennium Shift E-Journal
  • Noneuclidean Café
  • The November 3rd Club
  • Nuketown
  • The Pistolero Complex
  • SETI Universe News
  • Shimmer Magazine
  • Skyline Magazine EMag
  • Splintered
  • Stepping Stones Magazine
  • Susurrus
  • The Sword Review
  • Vestal Review
  • Wanderings
  • The Zone

That's another 41 markets. For all the markets that I'll be listing over the next couple of days, some pay fairly good rates, some pay very low rates, some pay in contributor copies, and some don't pay at all. My strategy is to start at the top paying markets and work my way down. Another part of my strategy has to do with the rights sold to the publications. No one buys ALL RIGHTS from me, for example. I fully intend to retain ownership of all my ficton.

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