Weekly Writing Progress (Nov 15 – 12)

Weekly Total (Nov 15 – 12): 8,224
November Monthly Total: 12,170
Grand Total: 78,634 (52.4% of 150,000)

Broke the 50% threshold this week on my writing goal. I'm going to fall shy of my goal of 150,000 this year, but I expect to get fairly close. Considering that I didn't write anything at all this year until August, considering that since August I've written a total of 60 days, and that in that time I've managed to write 52.4% of my stated goal, I'm reasonably happy with what I've accomplished thus far.

If I meet my daily goal from now until the end of the year, I'll write another 45,900 words, minimum, for a yearly total of 124,534 (83.0% of 150,000). This tells me that I can set a higher goal next year and reasonably expect to achieve it, no excuses.

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