Weekly Writing Progress (Nov 22 – 28)

Humblebee: 6,059
Weekly Total (Nov 22 – 28): 5,054
November Monthly Total: 17,224
Grand Total: 83,688 (55.8% of 150,000)

Another day of free-flowing prose in the writing of Humblebee. I'm surprised at this development. Happy, but surprised. Once again, I've spent no more than 90 minutes writing this morning and have managed to churn out 1,395 words.

Some surprises turned up in today's writing, as well. Good surprises, surprises that work, I think, to increase the story's tension and to increase it's strangeness. That's always a good thing. I thought this story would end up longer, perhaps a novella, but I now think that it will be shorter.

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