WIR #29: Writing the Mystery

writing the mysteryG. Miki Hayden has a rather interesting story at the beginning of chapter five of her book, Writing the Mystery:
A wise woman who lived in India (the Mother) once wrote that there are two quite opposite illusions we simultaneously hold about ourselves and our ambitions. First of all, we believe that our urge to step in a direction is identical with our completion of the aim. We don't see that years of effort are required to develop those necessary underpinnings. Secondly, and at the same time, we don't really believe that we have the ability to fulfill our longed-for goals.

We are wrong on both counts, the Mother says. We consider our achievements with too great a complacency, but we really lack confidence. We think we'll never make the grade. The desire itself, however — while it isn't the accomplishment — is a strong indicator that the capacity for eventual success lies within. Let's take our inborn ability as a given and unwaveringly move toward the hoped-for end destination — becoming the writer we know is inside of us.

That has a rather familiar ring to it.

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