WIR #34: Three-Ten to Yuma

three-ten_to_yuma-125"What?" I hear you ask. "You're readin' a western?"

Damned straight. Just watched this earlier tonight. Second time I seen it. Damned good story. Leonard's a damned good writer. Bought this book months ago. Been meanin' to read it, but haven't. I aim to rectify that. Strikes me that a writer could learn a thing or two from Leonard, no matter what it is he likes to write. No matter if this here monologue sounds cliché. I don't give a damn. Readin's readin' and writin's writin'. Genre's just window dressin'.

This here's what they call an anthology. There's seven stories inside. Yup. That's right. Three-Ten to Yuma's a short story. You didn't think movies was all made from novels, did ya? I hope not. 'Cuz if you did, you'd be wrong.

FOOTNOTE: Hate to say it, but I think the movie's better. It's different. The outlaw's name is Jim Kidd, not Ben Wade, as in the movie. Kidd's right-hand man is still Charlie Prince, though. The movie develops Kidd's/Wade's character more, does more to build the tension of the story. Christian Bale's character in the movie is completely absent from the short story. If he'd been in the short story, though, the story wouldn't've been so short. I like what Bale's character added to the story, as well as the way in which the movie ended. Still, Leonard's story is good, and so is the movie. If you haven't read the one or seen the other, you oughta do both.

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