WIR #34: Three-Ten to Yuma

three-ten_to_yuma-125That was good. One hundred ninety-three pages of seven well-told short stories, although one, the last one I read, was probably of novella length.

I enjoyed them all, but one of them, the story titled, "Long Night," I didn't think was quite as good as the rest. The best, in my opinion, titled "The Captives," was the longest.

These were all old short stories. At the end of the book is a listing of where these stories were first published:

  • "Cavalry Boots," Zane Grey's Western, December 1952
  • "Under the Friar's Ledge," Dime Western Magazine, January 1953
  • "Three-Ten to Yuma," Dime Western Magazine, March 1953
  • "Long Night," Zane Grey's Western, May 1953
  • "The Captives," Argosy, February 1955
  • "Jugged," Western Magazine, December 1955
  • "The Kid," Western Short Stories, December 1956

Some of Leonard's writing reminded me of my own, reminded me, in fact, of how some of my own stories begin. That's no guarantee that I'll enjoy the same success as Leonard, but it was a comfort to see. Gave me confidence.

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