Words, Words, Words

Out of curiosity, I decided to go through the files of all the stories I've written (drafts, second drafts, third drafts — one story had seven — false starts, etc) to find out how many words I've penned since October of 2004. (Why October 2004? That's when the first incarnation of this blog started.)

464,290 words!

That averages out to 77,381 per year.

However, when I think back to the stories I remember writing in high school, it's easily much more than that. In my Creative Writing class in my sophomore year, for example, we had to write something on the order of 5000 words per month for the whole year. So, that class alone produced another 45,000 words, at least (probably more). Then there were the stories I wrote for the Creative Writing class in my senior year. I recall writing a two-part tale for that class that amounted to about 25,000 words or so. And then there are the untold other stories I've written whose word counts fail me.

I would venture to guess that thus far I've likely written 600,000 words or more since I got bitten by the writing bug. If I haven't yet hit one million, I'm positive I will within the next 2-3 years, tops.

I'm not saying that this is the most important thing. Not at all. Just making an observation.

NOTE: I've deleted the "Recent Posts" make-shift gadget. Too time-consuming. I didn't use the automated version because, well, it didn't look consistent with this blog. Since I'm using the "Blog Archive" gadget (and it does look consistent), "Recent Posts" strikes me as redundant. So, out it goes.

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