2009 Year-End Writing Progress (Dec 27 – 31)

Humblebee: 50,709
Weekly Total (Dec 27 – 31): 8,425
December Monthly Total: 45,859
2009 Grand Total: 131,170 (87.4% of 150,000)

I'm actually quite happy with my 2009 result, because I learned a very important lesson. Namely, that I can write a lot more than I give myself credit for.

I didn't write a damned thing from Jan 1 - Jul 31, then I stopped being lazy and started writing again. I take off from writing one day per week, which means that from Aug 1 - Dec 31 I had 131 working days. I still managed to miss 41 of them, as I wrote for only 90 days this year. That would seem terrible, except... that in 90 days I wrote 131,000+ words! 87.4% of my goal!

No selling myself short in 2010. My writing goals are going to be more ambitious, but realistic, as well. (More on this in my next post.)

This week was quite productive, but before I get to that I want to remind you that I'd said previously that I set a goal last Wednesday to write 2000 words per day until the end of the year. I accomplished that goal. As for this week, I averaged 2,106.25 words per day. These were my daily totals:

Sunnandæg - day off
Mónandæg - 2,007
Tiwesdæg - 2,163
Wódnesdæg - 2,221
Þunresdæg - 2,034
Frígadæg - —
Sæternesdæg - —

Friday and Saturday are not included in these numbers because they fall in 2010.

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