SpecFicWorld: Editors and Rejection

I've been spending time over at specficworld.com, where I've got a subscription, and I've been reading interviews that were conducted with several editors, asking each of them questions related to why they reject stories.

Although I know the following is true, I am constantly amazed at the number of editors who cite improperly formatted manuscripts as a prime reason why stories get rejected. There's nothing at all difficult about formatting a manuscript properly. Nothing. I won't complain, however. They'll make my own stories stand out from the masses.

Another common reason? Spelling counts, as editor Shawna McCarthy put it. Not a problem for me. This is yet another reason why my stories will stand out above the crowd (the more points I gain on this scale, the higher my stories rise up in that slush pile).

Another? Poor grammar. Ding! I win. (I'm not trying to rub their noses in it. I'm just, yeah, trying to rub their noses in it. ~shuffles feet . . . innocently~)

Another: Failure to hook the reader in the first paragraphs. A common reason for this? Exposition. I rather like to start my stories in medias res, as the old Latin saying goes. "In the middle of things." Whatever the story problem is, that's where I start. As close to the resolution of the problem/end of the story as possible.

One more: Failure to follow a publisher's expressed guidelines. What? Can't these people read?! Ding-ding-ding! I win again! (I'm not trying to be arrogant. Honest. I just want those who are committing these errors . . . to continue to do so! Hehehe. ~rubs hands together conspiratorially~ If they want to make me look good, that's their problem.)

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