Weekly Writing Progress (Dec 20 – 26)

Humblebee: 44,291
Weekly Total (Dec 6 – 12): 11,692
December Monthly Total: 37,434
Grand Total: 122,745 (81.8% of 150,000)

This week was incredibly productive. I averaged 1,948.66 words per day. These were my daily totals:

Sunnandæg - day off
Mónandæg - 1,793
Tiwesdæg - 1,750
Wódnesdæg - 2,010
Þunresdæg - 2,055
Frígadæg - 2,001
Sæternesdæg - 2,083

I made a deliberate decision on Wednesday to finish the year off writing a minimum of 2,000 words per day. I've slowly been increasing my daily word count, just to see how it feels to write more and more, and to see how comfortable I am trying to pursue writing more each day. Right now, 2000 words per day feels like I'm pushing my limitations, but I fully intend to continue with 2000 words pay day until at least December 31.

Today's writing session was timed, from start to finish, with my stop watch being paused whenever I stepped away from my desk. I stepped away only once, to use the toilet. It took me one hour, forty-seven minutes, and thirty-six seconds. It amounted to about 9 manuscript pages, so I averaged 11.94 minutes per manuscript page, or 19.3 words per minute. From what I've read, that's actually quite fast for writing a novel.

I once asked Robert J. Sawyer at his blog about his own word count and if he used a white-space (a.k.a. printer's rule) word count method to determine when he was done for the day, or if he used the actual word count, per his word processor. He told me he writes 2000 words per day and he uses his word processor to give him the actual word count. Stephen King, in his memoir, notes that he also writes 2000 words per day. It amounts to roughly 10 manuscript pages per day. I didn't ask Sawyer how long it takes him to write that, and I don't recall King mentioning how long his writing sessions take him. Ultimately, that's not what really matters. Writers who set goals write until they reach their goal, regardless of how long it takes them. I've learned myself that some days it takes me a lot longer to reach my word count than others.

On the subject of manuscript pages, my story Humblebee broke the 200 page mark tonight. It's taken me 28 days of writing to get to this point. I started writing this story on November 28 and have missed only 3 days of writing in that time, November 25 and 26 and December 1.

I got back to writing back on August 1. Since I take off one day per week, that means that 127 writing days have passed. Out of those, I've missed 40 days of writing. This means that I've managed to write 122,000+ words in 87 days. Something to think about, eh? It has certainly taught me a lesson and I mean to take advantage of that lesson next year.

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