Weekly Writing Progress (Dec 6 – 12)

Humblebee: 22,882
Weekly Total (Dec 6 – 12): 9,740
December Monthly Total: 16,025
Grand Total: 101,336 (66.7% of 150,000)

This week, I've averaged 1,623.3 words per day. These were my daily totals:

Mo - 1,675
Tu - 1,645
We - 1,612
Th - 1,776
Fr - 1,494
Sa - 1,538

Writing this much each day isn't taking me that much longer than when I was writing 1250-1350 per day. Fun stuff. :D

On a more sombre note, I learned earlier this week that Edwin Powers Elliott, Jr., the editor who published my first non-fiction article, died last October 11 of a heart-attack. He was 62. He was a good friend, the pastor for 31 years of a church in Manassas, Virginia, where I attended for a short period many years ago, and the editor of the Christian Observer (a magazine originally founded in 1813). It was in the Observer where my first non-fiction articles were published.

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