WIR #35: Diplomacy of Wolves

Diplomacy of WolvesLisle, Holly. The Secret Texts, Book 1: Diplomacy of Wolves. New York: Warner Aspect. Copyright © 1998, by Holly Lisle.

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Despite the previous post on this book, I wanted to add that I did enjoy this book. Very much so, in fact, and I have every intention of reading the entire trilogy. I would even recommend it to people who enjoy fantasy novels.

My caveat, however, is that there is much about Lisle's writing style that I don't like. The examples I gave in my previous post are representative of the problems I found in the story. The frequency of their occurrence was such that I kept getting jolted out of the story. It was a feeling of, "Okay, I'm in this story, this is a very cool world, I'm enjoying this, the tensions, the — oops! Oh, jeez. I'm reading. What did she say again? God, that was convoluted!" And I'd find myself having to reread a sentence several times to understand what Lisle meant.

If you're willing to tolerate such, then you'll find reading this rewarding. For all its problems, I did enjoy Diplomacy of Wolves.

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