WIR #36: Vengeance of Dragons

Vengeance of DragonsLisle, Holly. The Secret Texts, Book 2: Vengeance of Dragons. New York: Warner Aspect. Copyright © 1999, by Holly Lisle.

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Not until I've completed the other two books I'm currently reading will I give this book priority, but I am, indeed, currently reading Holly Lisle's Vengeance of Dragons. Like the previous volume, this one has a good start to it, and it will also have a cliffhanger ending.

The blurb:

Fugitive Kait Galweigh battles the megalomaniacal Crispin Sabir for possession of an ancient artifact called the Mirror of Souls. Kait believes the Mirror's magic will restore life to her lost kin, massacred by Sabir necromancy; Crispin believes the mysterious object will make him a god. Both are terribly wrong.

For the Mirror contains the captive spirits of the Dragons — long-dead sorcerers who once conquered the world with black, soul-devouring magic. And the Secret Texts have foretold that after a thousand years of waiting for revenge, the Dragons will be released in an apocalyptic war of good and evil.

But the Dragons have also read the Secret Texts . . . and have spent a millennium making sure they will control which prophecies do — and do not — come true . . .

I hope the story in this is as good as it was in the last, and that the stylistic interruptions are kept to a minimum.

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