WIR #36: Vengeance of Dragons

Vengeance of DragonsLisle, Holly. The Secret Texts, Book 2: Vengeance of Dragons. New York: Warner Aspect. Copyright © 1999, by Holly Lisle.

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I've just finished this. As I said before, cliffhanger ending. Not a surprise. Lisle told me about it herself.

This has been a good read so far, though. Interestingly enough, Kirkus Reviews is quoted as calling Vengeance of Dragons, "Engaging . . . [and] vividly set forth." What makes that amazing is that Kirkus Reviews, from what I've read, has a reputation for not giving science fiction or fantasy very good reviews. "Vividly set forth" is right. Lisle has done a masterful job with the world she created for this series of books. I've one more book in the series to read, though, so I'm off to start on that.


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