Weekly Writing Progress (Jan 1 – 2)

Humblebee: 54,763
[Weekly Total (Dec 27 – Jan 2): 12,689]
Weekly Total (Jan 1 – 2): 4,264
January Monthly Total: 4,264
Grand Total: 4,264 (1.71% of 250,000)

Another productive week. I averaged 2132.00 words per day for these first two days of January. (For the entire week (Dec 27 – Jan 2), however, I averaged 2,114.83 words per day.) These were my January daily totals:

Sunnandæg - day off
Mónandæg - —
Tiwesdæg - —
Wódnesdæg - —
Þunresdæg - —
Frígadæg - 2,118
Sæternesdæg - 2,146

My daily quota isn't 2000 words per day, despite how things look. Rather, I've committed myself to writing 2000 per day to get Humblebee finished as quickly as possible. In part, it's because I'm eager to get started on this year's stories, not because I'm sick of Humblebee. Not at all. This story surprises me almost daily, although I do think that it's going to require a lot of work to get it in publishable condition.

There are some habits I know that professional writers have that I want to try this year, and see if I can't produce better first drafts. I could try them with Humblebee, but I think that would slow down the writing of it and I'd prefer to finish it in the way that I started it. It's nearly two-thirds done at this point; I think I should have it finished three weeks from today, barring anything unforeseen.

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