Weekly Writing Progress (Jan 10 – 16)

Humblebee: 70,406
Current Writing Streak: 3 days
Longest Writing Streak: 10 days
Weekly Total (Jan 10 – 16): 8,188
January Monthly Total: 25,480
Grand Total: 25,480 (10.19% of 250,000)

I've averaged 1820.00 words per day for the year. (For the week, I've averaged 1,364.66 words per day.) My daily totals for this week:

Sunnandæg - day off
Mónandæg - 1,601
Tiwesdæg - 1,531
Wódnesdæg - (didn't write)
Þunresdæg - 1,640
Frígadæg - 1,719
Sæternesdæg - 1,697

I'm not going to discuss why I missed my writing session on Wednesday. It was stupid. However, since I'm now aiming to write 1,500 words per day, I've figured that if I write an additional 100 words per day — not too great a burden — that I can make up for that missed day by the end of the month (and very likely will do so earlier than that).

I do not want to make it a habit to try to make up for missed days. That way lies the breaking of a good habit. It's simply better to pick up where I've left off and not burden myself. After all, as I've already explained, I can miss a ton of writing sessions this year and still meet my annual quota. In a case such as this, where a mere additional 100 words per day until January 31 can make up the difference, that, I think, is a bearable burden.

My beta reader returned Moon-Shadow to me earlier today. I shall soon go over her notes, see which changes I agree with, make them, then get this story in the mail.

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