Weekly Writing Progress (Jan 24 - 30)

Humblebee: 89,684
Current Writing Streak: 15 days
Longest Writing Streak: 15 days
Weekly Total (Jan 24 – 30): 10,069
January Monthly Total: 45,818
Grand Total: 45,818 (18.33% of 250,000)

I've averaged 1,762.23 words per day for the year. (For the week, I've averaged 1,678.16 words per day.) My daily totals for this week:

Sunnandæg - day off
Mónandæg - 1,758
Tiwesdæg - 1,702
Wódnesdæg - 1,666
Þunresdæg - 1,639
Frígadæg - 1,746
Sæternesdæg - 1,558

I managed to achieve my goal to make up for having not written on the 13th. I had to add another 100 words per day to my goal of 1500 per day from the 14th until today; I actually averaged 1692.93 per day.

I'm also very happy with my progress thus far this year; twenty-six writing days and 18.33% of my goal accomplished. Last week my calculations as to when I'd achieve my goal this year were off. I'd said I'd reach 250,000 words by June 12. If I reach my daily goal of 1500 words per day and don't miss a single writing day, I'll exceed 250,000 words by July 9.

Humblebee, is now at 89,684 words. I'm nearing the final scenes of the story and I'm now starting to think about what I'll write next. Earlier this week, I wrote a few words — a little more than a 1000 words, actually — in a new story that has a working title of The Ældron. I'm not certain that this will be the next story I work on, but it might be.

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