WIR #10: Structuring Your Novel

Structuring Your NovelMeredith, Robert C., and John D. Fitzgerald. Structuring Your Novel: From Basic Idea to Finished Manuscript. New York: Barnes & Noble Books. Copyright © 1972, by Robert C. Meredith and John D. Fitzgerald.

John D. Fitzgerald at Wikipedia:

I first bought this book ages and ages ago. So long ago, in fact, that I can't remember when I bought it. Obviously, however, I didn't buy it before 1972. I recall reading parts of it, but I can't remember if I ever read it cover to cover. No matter. I shall be doing so now.

Here, then, the blurb:

Structuring Your Novel shows the would-be author how to employ the techniques used by professional novelists in writing a novel of his own. Fourteen elements of structure found in all traditional novels are illustrated from seven successful novels that range in genre from Fielding's epic-type novel Tom Jones to le Carré's mystery thriller The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. The exercises for Chapter One of this guidebook get the reader started on his own novel right away, and the exercises of the following chapters practically force him to finish it. Although the beginning novelist is taught how to use the techniques of craftsmanship employed by professional writers, his individual creative talent is given complete freedom.

I shan't be doing the exercises during this reading, but I may do so at some later date. (NOTE: I wasn't able to find any information on Robert C. Meredith, not even at Wikipedia, thus his exclusion from having a link to him above.)

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