I've been working on "Moon-Shadow," a short story of mine. In addition to the notes given me by my beta reader, I've found several problems with it myself. I've some ideas how to fix them, but I think it will take a little longer than I anticipated (this requires more than just a spell check). The real difficulty isn't so much with the transitions that will be required as it will be with the re-shaping of scenes near the end, as well as tightening up the writing. As it currently stands, the story is just under 6500 words. I'm certain that I can increase the possibility of selling this story by cutting it by at least 500 words, if not more. Why? Based on my market research, I've noticed that the majority of the stories in the magazines I'd like to sell to most are in the range of 5000-6000 words. Further, even at 6000 words, a couple of possible magazines will be eliminated from my list of prospects since they don't buy anything longer than 4000 words.

This is the story I sent to Weird Tales a couple of years ago. The story about which George Scithers, in his handwritten rejection, said "Good. Just not irresistible." I can now see why he said this. I shouldn't've waited so long to do what I'm doing now, though. However, I refuse to bear any regrets. They'll profit me nothing. Lesson learned. I shall finish editing this story, making it stronger — I know I can; I know the edits I have in mind will make it stronger — and then in the mail it goes!

EDIT – 1412 EDT: I've incorporated a lot of minor changes — a couple of spelling errors, one misuse of a verb (namely, the annoying verb lay; I'd used lain when I should have used laid), rephrasing some sentences that needed rephrasing (either because they were awkward or because I found a better, more accurate way to put things). There are some major changes (mentioned above) that still need to be done, however, to make this story a more consistent and cohesive whole — some involve inconsistencies with time, for example, others will require either the complete deletion or rewriting of scenes near the end of the story.

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