Looks like we're in for more snow starting later today. By late tomorrow afternoon, they're calling for us to receive upwards of another foot (30,4 cms) of snow on top of the two-and-a-half feet (76,2 cms) we received this past weekend. The county plows finally got to our street and, as usual, dumped a huge pile of the stuff onto the front of our driveway. More shoveling. Yay.

Moving on, while taking another look at the story this morning I found some things I had completely missed yesterday: too many adverbs, seriously, and too damned many exclamation points! I was surprised at my liberal use of exclamation points. That's not my usual style.

There is one scene that has always bothered me. It's close to the end of the story and it has problems that have given me difficulty figuring out how to fix them. Today, I happened upon a solution. It involved a blue pencil and lots of deletion. A little rewriting, too, but more deletion than rewriting.

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