Weekly Writing Progress (Feb 7 – 13)

Moon-Shadow: 5,430 (finished editing)
Current Writing Streak: 0 days
Longest Writing Streak: 19 days
Weekly Total (Feb 7 – 13): 0
February Monthly Total: 7,359
Grand Total: 53,177 (21.27% of 250,000)

I've averaged 1,399.39 words per day for the year. (For the week, I've averaged 0.0 words per day.) My daily totals for this week:

Sunnandæg - day off
Mónandæg - edited "Moon-Shadow"
Tiwesdæg - edited "Moon-Shadow"
Wódnesdæg - edited "Moon-Shadow"
Þunresdæg - edited "Moon-Shadow"
Frígadæg - edited "Moon-Shadow"
Sæternesdæg - edited "Moon-Shadow"; edited "The Limnades"; edited "The Alchemist"

No writing got done this past week, but I spent a lot of time editing "Moon-Shadow."

I'm now editing "The Limnades," as well as an older story, a piece of flash fiction barely 100 words long called "The Alchemist."

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