Weekly Writing Progress (Jan 31 - Feb 6)

Headless and Shoulders Above the Rest
Headless and Shoulders Above the Rest,
Photo © 2010 G D Townshende
We got dumped on! Thirty inches of snow (76,2 cms). What you see to the left is one of several photos I took once the storm was over. If you click on the name I've given the photo, then you can take a look at the few photos that I chose to upload to my Flickr account.

We're still digging ourselves out; half the driveway has been shoveled and it's very likely that we won't see a county snow plow come down our street for another day or two. It's a good thing a trip was made to the supermarket on Thursday. It was a regularly scheduled shopping trip, however, and not part of the pre-storm rush. I'm always amazed at the number of people who rush to the store when something like this happens. Tells me that too many people have only 3, maybe 4 days worth of food on hand. Not very wise, if you ask me. We always buy 1-2 weeks worth of food when we go to the supermarket.

Anyway, enough chitchat. Time for this past week's numbers:

Humblebee: 96,736 (finished)
Current Writing Streak: 0 days
Longest Writing Streak: 19 days
Weekly Total (Jan 31 – Feb 6): 7,359
January Monthly Total: 45,818
February Monthly Total: 7,359
Grand Total: 53,177 (21.27% of 250,000)

I've averaged 1,661.78 words per day for the year. (For the week, I've averaged 1,226.5 words per day.) My daily totals for this week:

Sunnandæg - day off
Mónandæg - 1,703
Tiwesdæg - 1,560
Wódnesdæg - 1,569
Þunresdæg - 1,621
Frígadæg - 906
Sæternesdæg - (see below)

As I stated earlier, the first draft of Humblebee is now completed. My beta reader has read my short stories "Moon-Shadow" and "The Limnades" and emailed me her notes. I've taken care of some of her suggestions, but not all. So, my plan is to get these done and in the mail. With those needing to be taken care of, and snow still to be shoveled off the driveway, and a novel freshly finished, I think I'm going to take just a couple of days off from writing. I'm well ahead of schedule on my goal to write 250,000 words for the year.

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