WIR #16: Out of the Silent Planet

Out of the Silent PlanetLewis, C. S. Out of the Silent Planet. New York: Collier Books. Copyright © 1939 C. S. Lewis.

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This wonderful book, which I have read multiple times, was originally written in 1938. Clive Staples Lewis is another of my favourite authors. Like Aldous Huxley, Lewis's death on 22 November 1963, was overshadowed by the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Out of the Silent Planet is the second of the six novels that I plan to outline, so I will be spending more time with this book than I have with others. At 160 pages, however, it is a relatively short book.

Therefore, the blurb:

In this first book of the Space Trilogy, which is continued in Perelandra and That Hideous Strength, the remarkable Dr. Ransom is kidnapped and taken on a space ship to the eerie red planet of Malacandra. There he escapes and goes on the run, endangering his life and his chances of ever returning to Earth. First published in 1943, this amazingly credible tour de force continues to delight and intrigue all readers.

I rather like the note C. S. Lewis has at the beginning of this book:
NOTE: Certain slighting references to earlier stories of this type which will be found in the following pages have been put there for purely dramatic purposes. The author would be sorry if any reader supposed he was too stupid to have enjoyed Mr. H. G. Wells's fantasies or too ungrateful to acknowledge his debt to them.

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