WIR #19: Under the Dome

Under the DomeKing, Stephen. Under the Dome. New York: Scribner. Copyright © 2009 Stephen King.

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And this book I finished probably 10 minutes ago. Let's see. How long did it take me? I started it on February 27 and a quick calculation tells me that it took 27 days. If I didn't have other things taking up my time, I'm sure I could've read it faster. I know I could've. I read Tolstoy's War and Peace, a 1,500 page monster, in 30 days, after all. Does that really matter, though? Not a whit!

What about the story? What did I think? It was entertaining, but it was political, too. The characterizations of certain story people were, for lack of a better way of putting it, heavy-handed enough to recognize who they were modeled after in the real world, but sufficiently different enough that I don't think King will suffer any legal ramifications. Events at the end, now that I think about them more, appear to have similarities to, well, 9/11, to be blunt. But I'm not bothered by what I think are the obvious politics of the book. Furthermore, it's as stupid to think that such things are necessarily reflective of King's own politics or beliefs as it was for others to think that when, in a previous book, King had a character kicking a dog to death he was giving a whole-hearted endorsement of animal cruelty.

The story is as entertaining as any King story ever is. It's a driving story, one that never lets up until the very last pages, which certainly isn't an easy task over the space of 1000+ pages. I will say, however, that I don't think it's one of his better stories. Many think that The Stand is his masterpiece, his magnum opus. Personally, I'm more fond of 'Salem's Lot, but I'm also a fan of vampire stories anyway. Since just about everything King has written has been turned into a movie, I've no doubt that in a couple of years we'll see advertisements promoting the movie based on this book. Meanwhile, if you're not interested in shelling out $35 for the hardcover, you can always wait for the paperback.

On a slightly different note, I'm not going to rush into starting on a new book just yet. I'm still outlining C. S. Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet, but that's only because I went weeks before starting to read it a second time to draw up the outline — it's the second of six books that I plan to read and outline, remember? — and I'm now getting into J. V. Jones's The Barbed Coil (I've only read the first two chapters so far, and I'd like to devote time to just one book at the moment).

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