WIR #21: A Fine Night for Dying

A Fine Night For DyingHiggins, Jack. A Fine Night for Dying. New York: Berkley Books. Copyright © 1969 by Martin Fallon.

Jack Higgins at Wikipedia:

Out of want for something to read while waiting for some maintenance to be done on my car (oil change, flushing of the brake system, ignition coil recall), because I knew it would take a couple of hours, I pulled this book off of one of my shelves because it looked like a book I could get through rather quickly. I've never read anything by Higgins before, but I've heard much good about his work. This is a book originally purchased by my mother.

The name under which this book is published, Jack Higgins, and the name under which it is copyrighted, Martin Fallon, are both pen-names for writer Harry Patterson. Higgins is undoubtedly best known for his novel The Eagle Has Landed, but he has written many more; more than 60, in fact.

The blurb:

Weighted down by chain, the body of gangland boss Harvey Preston is dragged out of the English Channel in a fisherman's net. British Intelligence suspects a connection with a minor cross-channel smuggling ring, and sends dogged undercover agent Paul Chavasse to find answers.

Chevasse soon discovers that this is no small-time operation — it reaches throughout the world and leads to the doors of some very ruthless and powerful men. Men who aren't about to let Chevasse interfere with the delivery of their precious cargo . . .

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