WIR #22: The Barbed Coil

The Barbed CoilJones, J. V. The Barbed Coil. New York: Warner Books. Copyright © 1997 by J. V. Jones.

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Several years back I read J. V. Jones's Book of Words trilogy, and soon after that I purchased The Barbed Coil. This, however, is the first time I've decided to read it. Jones, according to her bio at the back of the book, is the daughter of a pub owner in Liverpool, although she now lives in San Diego, California.

The blurb:

A ring that seeks blood instantly transports young Tessa McCamfrey to a realm where pictures and patterns hold vast magics; where a sorcerous crown — the Barbed Coil — can reweave destiny; where a mad king is using the crown to conquer an ancient land. And somehow Tessa, aided by two men whose pasts entwine with her own, must master a pattern of ancient powers before the Barbed Coil ravages the fate of a world....

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