WIR #25: Julius Caesar

Julius CaesarShakespeare, William. Julius Caesar.

I am now done with Julius Caesar.

I've always found the actions of Marc Antony in this play to be the most intriguing. Shortly after the assassination of Julius Caesar, he makes to show himself kind to the murderers, but not necessarily in support of what they've done. In fact, he wants to know the justification for their act. Understandable, I think. Later, he swears that all the assassins will die, which they do (and the ghost of Caesar makes a couple of appearances to Brutus), but the hand of Antony appears to be guiltless of shedding any of the blood that is spilt. Several of the assassins, including Brutus, commit suicide. Is it, as Brutus speculated, a supernatural act brought about by the death of Caesar? Or are they all killing themselves out of guilt? That's a point, I'm sure, that one could debate forever. I quite enjoyed Julius Caesar, but it is far from being my favourite of Shakespeare's plays.

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