WIR #27: Servants of the Wankh

Servants of the WankhVance, Jack. Servants of the Wankh. New York: Ace Books, Inc. Copyright © 1969 Jack Vance.

Jack Vance Archive:

Having finished City of the Chasch, I am now reading the second book in Vance's Planet of Adventure series, Servants of the Wankh.

Herewith is the blurb for this volume:

Marooned on the strange planet Tschai, Adam Reith agreed to lead an expedition to return the princess Ylin Ylan, the Flower of Cath, to her homeland halfway around the globe.

Monsters of land and sea lay before them, and beings both human and alien who might rob, kill or enslave them. Tschai was a large planet, an ancient planet, where four powerful alien races struggled for mastery while humans were treated as pawns; nothing would be easy for Reith on this journey.

But the girl's father was enormously wealthy, her homeland technically sophisticated. If Reith was ever to obtain human aid in returning to Earth, where better than Cath?

If he could get there....

As mentioned in my previous entry, the title of this book tells which of the four alien races is featured in this volume: the Wankh.

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