WIR #28: The Dirdir

The DirdirVance, Jack. The Dirdir. New York: Ace Books, Inc. Copyright © 1969 Jack Vance.

Jack Vance Archive:

I have just finished Servants of the Wankh, and I am now reading the third book in Vance's Planet of Adventure series, The Dirdir. I've a memory of reading this book, along with Tolkien's The Hobbit, when I lived in England. I believe my family was on vacation, that my father's parents had come to visit England for their 40th wedding anniversary (courtesy of my father and his siblings), and we were on a trip up to Scotland. So, yeah, this means that I am reading it again.

That said, the blurb:

Getting back to Earth from the planet Tschai involved only stealing a spaceship or having one built to order — for the Tschai was the abode of several intelligent star-born races and, as such, had spaceyards. But Adam Reith's problem was not so simple.

He'd already been lucky to escape the Chasch and the Wankh, and a dozen different types of human, and now his course led directly to the Great Sivishe Spaceyards in the domains of the Dirdir.

But the Dirdir were quite different from the other aliens who competed for this world. They were quicker, more sinister, and had an unrelenting thirst for hunting victims like Adam Reith. The closer he came to his objective, the keener their hunting instincts would become....

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