WIR #31: Elantris

ElantrisSanderson, Brandon. Elantris. New York: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. Copyright © 2005 Brandon Sanderson.

Brandon Sanderson on the web:

I'm now reading Brandon Sanderson's Elantris. I've already read the first two chapters. Although this is a first novel, it's off to a good beginning. I've noticed recently that I'm reading fiction with "renewed vision," so to speak. I'm taking note of things that I didn't used to take note of. I think this is a good sign, a sign, I think, that I've started to read as a writer. Typos/misprints still catch my eye, as do what I think are awkward phrasings, but, more importantly, I'm paying more attention to the structure of what Sanderson and others are doing as I'm reading.

This has to be the result of a goal I set earlier this year. You recall the goal, yes? I'd drawn up a list of six novels that I'd read through quickly, for enjoyment, and then I'd read through them again, slowly, and outline them scene by scene, chapter by chapter, and finish up with a one paragraph summary of each book. I think this whole process has started to morph into my being able to read for entertainment and to read critically at the same time. I seem to recall that Dorothea Brande, in her book, Becoming a Writer, spoke of the same sort of exercise (or something similar) that was recommended by Lawrence Block in his book, Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print. This exercise I've been doing was prompted by my having reread Block's book. Brande, too, though, speaks of reading like a writer and recommends reading twice. Brande, however, says that as time passes you're able to accomplish both in one reading as you become more proficient at it.

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