WIR #34: Poetics

Aristotle. The Pocket Aristotle. New York: Pocket Books Classic. Translated under the Editorship of W. D. Ross. Translation copyright © 1942 by Oxford University Press.

I am not reading this entire book, which contains selected chapters from several of Aristotle's works. Namely, Physics, Psychology, Metaphysics, Nicomachean Ethics, Politics, and Poetics. Rather, I intend to read only Poetics. I've read Poetics before, but I am wanting to read it again. It shouldn't take too long, I think, given that it's only 38 pages in this particular volume.

I rather like the Will Durant quote found on the back cover:

"Aristotle's creation of a new discipline of thought remains among the lasting achievements of the human mind. Every later age has drawn upon Aristotle and stood upon his shoulders to see the truth."

Saith the Blurb:

In this extraordinary volume of selections from Aristotle — culled from the monumental Oxford translation by authorities including W. D. Ross, Benjamin Jowett, and Ingram Bywater — editor Justin D. Kaplan has included the most widely read, studied, and quoted works of the great philosopher. Informative notes give the reader a convenient and concise review of each work, illuminating the main ideas. Thoughtfully assembled, The Pocket Aristotle is the essential guide to the man who has often been called the world's most important thinker.

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